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PC on the blink... No More!

How many hours each week does your computer take from your productive business time due to not working how it should? Did you know that poor computer speed could be caused by anything from an obstructed fan through to a corrupted hard drive? Knowing how to solve these problems can literally save you time and money ~ knowing how to fix them is what we do.

Newcastle Computer Wizards offers qualified support in fixing computer system faults and connectivity issues for home and office alike. Our expert technicians and fully-equipped workshop facilities reinforce our ability in solving your computer delemas, whatever they might be... and we are only a phone call away.

Take a positive step forward and contact us to have your computer issues resolved.


Newcastle Computer Wizards are able to provide your business, large or small, with price competitive and reliable on-site support.

Whether it is your desktop computers, your laptops or your server, you can rely on Newcastle Computer Wizards to correctly identify, diagnose and rectify your problem in the quickest possible time.

If parts are required to solve your problem, our support staff and technicians will arrange to obtain the required parts and install them on-site, saving you valuable downtime. We can also arrange for replacement loans machines if required. (Subject to availability).

All of our support personnel have experience in business systems, and are up to date on all the latest software and hardware.

As well as onsite support, Newcastle Computer Wizards can also provide remote support.

As well as onsite support, Newcastle Computer Wizards, can also provide remote support to your business via our dedicated ultra high-speed internet connection.

Remote support allows us to securely access your server and/or computers from our office. With remote support we can diagnose, monitor and troubleshoot any issues you are having, as well as update and configure your systems for optimal performance and reliability.

Understandably, there are some tasks that require us to have physical access to your systems, but in a majority of cases, remote support can be a quicker and cost-effective option.

Our internal security procedures, ensure that only our authorised personnel are able to access your server or computers, and user names, passwords, etc. are never made available to anyone other than the support technician handling your job. All data from our office to your system and from your system to our office is encrypted for additional security.

All of our support technicians and support staff are fully qualified with some being specialists in a particular area of the IT industry. All of our staff have experience with residential/home systems, small business systems and large corporate systems.

We believe that if you carefully compare the quality and capability of the products we offer, with any product available on the market, you will find that they are the best that can be produced. Also, our staff aim to be one of the best in the Newcastle area, for after sales support, customer support and backup.

Newcastle Computer Wizards have both onsite support and remote support available. Onsite support is when our technicians diagnoses and rectify your issues at your office or home. Or, remote support, (our most popular option), where one of our technicians connects to your server or computer securely from our office, and solves your issues over a high speed Internet connection.

Newcastle Computer Wizards uses a software package called Kaseya. Kaseya (which we will ask you to download), can be deleted from your system once we are finished. We will guide you through downloading and operating the software.

We have been operating the Newcastle area for over 15 years, the fact that we have been operating so long is a testimony to our products, services and customer support.

We are 100% Australian, independently owned and locally operated, we are not aligned or affiliated with any other computer retailer, so can offer your a wide range of brands at very competitive prices.